Leading People

Why Leaders need Coaching now more than ever

March 04, 2022 Gerry Murray Season 1 Episode 30
Leading People
Why Leaders need Coaching now more than ever
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Why has coaching become so popular and why do leaders need coaching now more than ever as we emerge from the pandemic? 

And what impact has the pandemic itself actually had on leaders?

How has the virtual work environment of the pandemic affected leaders? 

These are just some of the questions that I explore with this week's guest - author and Executive Coach, Andrea Lages

Andrea has been working as a coach for nearly 25 years and has noticed some interesting impacts that the pandemic has had on Leaders and what this means for the future. 

She is also the Director of the International Coaching Community (ICC) that has over 15,000 members worldwide.

So, why not head over to your favourite podcast channel and dive in...

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