Leading People

Discover the Power of Disciplined Listening

April 02, 2022 Gerry Murray Season 1 Episode 32
Leading People
Discover the Power of Disciplined Listening
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Would you like to have more influence and get more buy-in and commitment from colleagues or other stakeholders? 

Or, perhaps to sell more of your products or services? 

Or, to better deal with a low performer on your team? 

Or, simply to be a better parent

This week's guest is Certified Forensic Interviewer and author, Michael Reddington whose new book is called The Disciplined Listening Method

Michael shares his experiences of forensic interviewing - he also explains what it is - and how this led him to develop the seven core behaviours of disciplined listening which ultimately led to him writing his book, which has just been published.

During our conversation, Michael addresses the questions above and many more and explains how his method goes beyond other techniques such as active listening. He also describes how to apply his seven core behaviours to a wide variety of situations.

So, why not head over to your favourite podcast channel and dive in...

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