Leading People

How to tame your Public Speaking Monkeys

May 01, 2022 Gerry Murray Season 1 Episode 34
Leading People
How to tame your Public Speaking Monkeys
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  • Why should we become good at public speaking and what difference could it make to our careers? 
  • Why do some of us love public speaking and so many of us hate it? 
  • What is a Public Speaking Monkey, anyway?
  • How could some of the issues that we have with public speaking be affecting other aspects of our lives? 

These are just some of the questions I explore with this week's guest, author and public speaking expert, Dee Clayton.

Dee has written two books on public speaking and presenting and has also won several business awards for her Public Speaking Monkeys concept and brand

According to Dee, some people think they're fantastic public speakers and they're not. Others dread the thought of speaking in public but once they overcome certain hurdles they can become great public speakers. 

During our conversation we unpack some of the myths about public speaking, the silly things we say to ourselves and others say to us just before we give a presentation, including some well-meant advice that is rarely helpful. 

Dee outlines the 3 steps in what she calls the monkey taming process and also provides us with valuable and useful tips for getting better at speaking in public.

So, why not head over to your favourite podcast channel and dive in...

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