Leading People

How to deliver great customer experiences

July 08, 2022 Gerry Murray Season 1 Episode 39
Leading People
How to deliver great customer experiences
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  • Who is responsible for customer experiences in your organisation? 
  • How do leaders help or hinder the customer experience? 
  • Why are most organisations designed to deliver lousy customer experiences? 
  • And, what is a chatty check-out? 

These are just some of the many questions my guest, Professor Yves Van Vaerenbergh addresses in this week's show. As an award-winning expert on customer experience, Yves shares with us his insights and tips for how to get it right. 

He also answers the million-dollar question about customer experiences...

Whether you're working in an organisation or as an independent or freelance worker there's lots to learn.

So, why not head over to your favourite podcast channel and dive in...

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