Leading People

How to Change their Mind

August 04, 2023 Gerry Murray Season 2 Episode 48
Leading People
How to Change their Mind
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Unlock the art of ethical persuasion as we sit down with Simon Horton, an award-winning author and negotiation expert.

Simon reveals his six-step process, based on modelling the approaches used by hostage negotiators, addiction therapists, and billionaires, to change minds and reach their objectives.

His book, Change Their Mind: Six Steps to Persuade Anyone, Anytime, is a treasure trove of practical advice, stories, and detailed models. The power of this approach lies in its ability to forge enduring relationships while achieving the desired outcome.

Simon also provides real-world examples - whether you're trying to negotiate a salary increase or convincing your kids to clean up their toys, his strategies are applicable in numerous scenarios.

Not limiting ourselves to persuasion, we'll also venture into negotiation strategies, exploring the crucial roles of ambition, research, and active listening. 

  • Learn from a billionaire's story about using ambition to seize opportunities for mutual benefits in deals. 
  • Discover how research helps in understanding your counterpart, and how active listening opens doors to meaningful conversations. 

And, as we tread the path of ethical persuasion, we'll delve into effective communication, focusing on how to maintain the highest ethical standards, and how to avoid the fundamental attribution error.

With Simon's guidance, be prepared to equip yourself with a versatile toolkit and the confidence to aspire big in your goals.


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