Leading People

How to coach your brain

July 23, 2021 Gerry Murray Season 1 Episode 14
Leading People
How to coach your brain
Show Notes

For this episode I sat down with Executive Coach and author of no less than 17 books, Joseph O'Connor, to talk about his latest book, Coaching the Brain - Practical Applications of Neuroscience to Coaching

During our conversation, Joseph explains why he writes books on topics that interest him and shares many fascinating insights about how our brains work so that we can all begin to coach our own brains right away. 

Joseph began his career as a guitar teacher and got into Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to explore how to help his students perform better. Today, apart from his work as an Executive Coach he is also the co-founder of the International Coaching Community (ICC), which boasts over 15,000 coaches as members worldwide. The ICC celebrates its 20th birthday in 2021. 

So, whether you're a coach, currently being coached, thinking about getting yourself a coach or just simply curious about how to coach your own brain there's something here for you.

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