Leading People

How to Solve Complex Problems

October 01, 2021 Gerry Murray Season 1 Episode 19
Leading People
How to Solve Complex Problems
Show Notes

In this episode I chat with Systems Thinking expert and the creator of SystemicIQ, Chris Soderquist, to learn why SystemicIQ is necessary for solving complex problems.

He outlines the 6 key skills of SystemicIQ and how to use them. He provides lots of practical examples and also advice on when, and when not, to use SystemicIQ. 

He explains what Systems Thinking is and how some organisations think they're doing Systems Thinking but in effect they're not. 

Along the way, we discuss diverse topics such as the current UK truck driver scarcity problem, climate change, health care, parenting, incentivisation programmes, and much more. Chris demonstrates how SystemicIQ can help us better understand these challenges and find workable solutions that don't create negative unintended consequences. 

He has some sound advice for leaders to ensure that they diagnose problems in the right way. Misdiagnosis of a problem not only doesn't lead to solving the problem but often makes the problem worse!

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