Leading People

How Dispersed Leadership can Transform your Workplace

November 13, 2021 Gerry Murray Season 1 Episode 22
Leading People
How Dispersed Leadership can Transform your Workplace
Show Notes

In this episode, I chat with Author, HR expert and CEO, Perry Timms, about his books and in particular what he calls Dispersed Leadership

With the world of work having been turned upside down by Covid, Perry believes that Dispersed Leadership has the potential to transform workplaces

Perry provides examples of how Dispersed Leadership is already producing results in a variety of organisations and valuable advice on how to explore and introduce it into your organisation.  He advocates the benefits for leaders of being open to the concept and how it can actually simultaneously free up more time to be a better leader and grow your people in the process. 

Dispersed Leadership is relevant even if you're not in a leadership position. It may help you choose your next employer! 

If you're an HR consultant you'll get some useful tips on how to pilot Dispersed Leadership with your clients. 

During our conversation, we discuss many topics including the way work is designed so that it ends up demotivating people, the impact of poor management on people's energy and how to raise the profile of HR and its role in organisations. 

Let's dive in...

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