Leading People

The Christmas Edition

December 23, 2021 Gerry Murray
Leading People
The Christmas Edition
Show Notes

I'm very humbled by how many people have become regular listeners of this podcast. Based on my research, Leading People currently ranks in the top 20% of podcasts globally in terms of downloads and listeners.

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It began as an experiment in January 2021. I looked at my extensive bookcase one day and wondered how could I bring so much of this wisdom and knowledge to a wider audience.

I realised that I knew many of the authors and subsequently invited them to become guests on the show. It all grew from this seed.

My goal was to create a conversational bounce that gave listeners an insight into who these authors were and how they came to write their books. I wanted to tap into their knowledge and wisdom. And, I also wanted it to be very human and full of humour!

This podcast has become a passion. 

I first podcasted in 2005 long before the concept was in the mainstream. That particular podcast didn't last long. The technology to distribute it just wasn't there. However, I realised in 2020 that podcasting would bring together many things that came naturally to me:

  • My life as a professional musician, having recorded many studio albums
  • My experience in recording studios - understanding the technology 
  • My love of conversation and my curiosity to learn more from others
  • My youth in Ireland listening to some of the best "talk radio" in the world
  • My passion for Personal & Professional Development
  • My work in Leadership Development

So, a huge shout out to my regular listeners, the amazing guests who helped me get this far and all the great conversations that are to come...

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